What Makes 3D Printing Popular?

What Makes 3D Printing Popular?

3D printing is commonly referred to as additive manufacturing. This process is becoming more popular with manufacturers. The need for this process is increasing because of the many benefits it can provide. Discussed below are the advantages of using this technology.

This manufacturing process provides a range of advantages that traditional methods don’t have. Most of the benefits are related to time, cost, and design.

Produces Flexible Design

This technology enables you to create and print intricate designs as compared to conventional manufacturing processes. Old processes have limitations on the model, which is no longer applicable if you use 3D technology.

Rapid Prototyping

This latest technology can produce parts within hours, which hastens the prototyping process. The stages are completed faster. As compared to the machining prototypes, the operation costs less and faster at producing parts. One can be able to provide parts within hours, thus allowing you to modify the design right away at a more efficient rate.

Print on Demand

This is yet another benefit since it does not require a lot of space to stock inventory. You can save on costs and space as you don’t have to print in bulk unless needed. The 3D design files are kept in a virtual library as they are done with the use of a 3D model as an STL or CAD file. It only means that it can be printed and located if required. You can also edit the design at a very low cost. Editing can be done on the files without wasting out of date inventory and buying tools.

Lighter and Durable Parts

Plastic is the usual material used in 3D printing, although you can also use metals. But, plastic is lighter than metal. This is very vital in industries like aerospace and automotive, where weight is essential and can provide fuel efficiency.

In addition to this, parts can be produced from tailored materials to provide vital properties like higher strength, water repellency, or heat resistance.

Reduces Waste

In producing the components, the process requires only the primary material, with minimal or no wastage as compared to other methods. With this process, you can save on resources and the cost of the materials needed.

With the benefits of 3D printing, this is definitely the technology of the future. It may have some flaws and needs to be appropriately addressed to avoid bigger issues.

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