Ways To Cut The Hidden Costs That Come Along With Travelling

Ways To Cut The Hidden Costs That Come Along With Travelling

To some of us, travelling is very important. It is the source of energy in our life. Travelling gives you the inner peace of mind. It boosts up your energy and makes you capable of fighting against all the odds that you are facing in your daily life. But, sometimes it can be costly because we are not aware of some of the hidden charges that come along with travelling. We are ignorant about hidden costs most of the time, and as a result, we spend a lot of money after the completion of the tour. But those can be taken care of if you get the Barcelo Hotels and Resorts discount codes at www.voucherbucket.co.uk and plan your trip correctly. So, here are some tips by which you can cut the hidden costs that come along with travelling:

1. Hidden fees that you have to pay while booking your flight

a). Reservation

Try to book your flights online. This will save your and your travel companies time and money. If you call and speak to a live agent, they will charge you extra for that. Some of them will try to allure you by saying that they can reserve the tickets for you. Avoid that. Make sure that you have called them for some basic queries. At last, check the total price to make sure that there is no booking fee.

b). Refund

There are some instances when you need to reschedule your flight. Some of the airlines charge an amount of reimbursement which is almost as same as the price of the ticket. So, try to book your tickets by the airlines which will provide you the relaxation period so that you can reschedule your flights without giving any extra charges for refunding.

c). Fuel

Fuel surcharges are one of the most significant hidden charges that you have to pay while travelling. Even if your child is sitting on your lap for the entire journey, you have to pay for fuel surcharges. Just, try to book flights from the airlines which will not charge you for the fuel.

d). Overweight baggage

You should weigh your luggage before you leave or else you have to pay a charge for overweight baggage. There is a particular amount of weight that you are allowed to carry. So, don’t get surprised if you have been charged extra for your overweighed luggage. Try to weigh your luggage, the before your flight.

2. The hidden cost that you have to pay while renting a car

a). Rental insurance

Renting a car while travelling is a good option if you want to save some of your money. But you should not make the mistake of purchasing the additional insurance because most of the cars are already insured.

b). Age

In many countries, if your driver is between 21 to 25 years old, they are not allowed to drive a rented car. But now a day’s many companies are allowing the drivers between 21 to 25 years, but they are charging extra for it. Hence, choose your driver who is above the age of 25 to avoid the additional charges.

c). Extra driver

A rental company may charge you if you take an extra driver. There are sometimes when you are travelling in a group, and you must know that the company is going to provide you with extra drivers but try to stick to one driver. And if you need any extra driver make sure that he is above the age of 25.

3. Try to avoid the hidden costs that you have to pay at the hotels

a). Parking

If you go the hotel by a rented car, directly from the airport or anywhere else it might be possible that you have to pay a parking fee for a nearby garage or street parking. So, try to make sure that your hotel has a parking space because most of the private parking places are much cheaper than the garages or street parking.

b). Towels

There are many hotels that will charge you if you ask for a towel after swimming in the hotel pool. Therefore, try to bring the towel from your home to avoid the extra charge that you have to pay for using their towels.

c). Safe

It is complementary by most of the hotels to give you a safe. But, there are some hotels that may charge you for providing you safes. So, try to avoid bringing valuable things in the first place. And, if you carry so, make sure to check the fine print whether they are providing the safes for free or not.

Travelling without paying extra chunks of hidden money is a matter of knowledge. So, try to follow the above tips to get rid of those additional hidden charges.

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