Peter Max- An Eminent and Celebrated Artist In Cosmic and Pop Art

Every artist is passionate about their works of art. However, there are a few artists that manage to win the hearts of millions around the world with paintings and illustrations rich with inspiring messages. These rare artists are passionate about specific areas of art and work on diverse elements to leave indelible imprints on the minds of their admirers.

Peter Max- An iconic name in the field of neo-expressionism and pop art in the USA

Peter Max is a strong name to reckon with in the field of pop art in America. With over 50 years of invaluable experience in cosmic art and neo-expressionism, he is one of the most talented and iconic artists the nation has ever known. His illustrations and bold images contain solid messages when it comes to music, protecting the environment and spreading social messages. His works of art are sought after by agents in the field of art across the world. He has always been encouraged to pursue his passion in art since childhood by his dad and mom. He is of German descent but has lived in China, Israel, and Paris. Known for his creativity and a keen eye for detail, he is one of the best artists in the world today.

Major sources of inspiration

His major sources of inspiration in the field of art has come from yoga and mysticism. His pieces of art have won the hearts of many people from across the world. His iconic works contain a lot of vibrant bright colors that appeal to both the old and young. Till date, he has created a number of stunning music posters for top bands. He also has specialized in lithograph pieces of pop art. His Facebook page is filled with a lot of comments on his works that have won him numerous accolades and praise from art lovers from across the world.

President Portraits and Works of Art In US Libraries and Embassies

He stole hearts with his amazing President portraits for 6 Presidents of the USA. Art lovers throng museums and galleries to catch a glimpse of his inspirational work. People can also see many of his iconic works of art in major libraries in the USA as well as embassies in the world. He has also painted Our Lady Liberty since the bicentennial of America every year. Verizon displayed this Liberty Collage in 2000 in more than 145 million phone books.

Peter Max is also an active political activist and environmentalist. He has been successful in sending powerful messages through his art. This stole attention from various sections of society and attention has been paid to that area. For instance, he has created some solid paintings and illustrations in the field of environmental pollution and protection. He has spread the message of recycling and the need for protecting the planet Earth in many of his major works. Painting is his passion, and he has been a celebrated artist for since the past 50 years and is still going strong with success!

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