Larry Moskowitz – Transcending Global Barriers with Art

The globe is suffering from many social and economic issues in the world. One of the major problems in the world that people face is environmental pollution.  Though awareness is now being shared and spread bout environmental pollution by NGOs and the government, some responsible citizens go the extra responsibility to make people aware of the benefits of recycling and protecting the environment as well. These people are passionate about their mission to save the world, and most of them are talented artists whose works of art speak volumes about the importance of saving the planet now before it is too late.

Larry Moskowitz – using the power of art to communicate with the world

Larry Moskowitz is a talented artist, traveler, and photographer in the USA. He is an individual who is fond of painting and creating outstanding pieces of art through various projects. Most of them revolve around the need for protecting the planet Earth. His artwork has stolen the hearts of many people across the globe as they have the ability to transcend the barriers of language and communication to save the Earth. Besides, artwork, he also creates digital art and loves to work on papercraft projects for the cause as well.

Protecting the planet

The Earth needs to be protected before it is too late. Children have to be taught on the importance of saving the natural fauna and flora of the world. A man with his bad habits has destroyed the planet in many ways. It is time to step back from the cons of development and industrialization to save the planet from destruction. If you take a look at his artwork, he has worked on different themes that spread the above message to everyone. He believes that the world of art has no language and colors can talk and appeal to people across the world. Individuals live together, and with combined efforts, they indeed can save the planet from losing its natural resources and becoming a concrete jungle.

His artwork and outstanding projects

His artwork has been displayed in different exhibitions, and agents of galleries and museums say that they have stolen the hearts of several art lovers across the world. If you check his Facebook page, you are able to see some of his best creations. His mom and dad have always encouraged him to paint and today thanks to them, he is a skilled and talented artist. He has been inspired by the works of Peter Max and says his bold themes, patterns and styles are unique when it comes to spreading social messages. He loves to derive his inspiration from various sources, and when an idea comes to his head, he just loves to place it on canvas.

Larry Moskowitz loves to pay attention to details, and when he paints, he uses several colors. He is passionate about all his projects no matter how large or small they might be. He inspires several artists, and his work is much appreciated in the USA and the world where his paintings are generally displayed.

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