Different Types of Product Inspections

Different Types of Product Inspections

In order to ensure that the quality of the product as per specification given, product inspections Vietnam is necessary. Depending upon the production process there are different types of product inspection too. When you are buying products from Vietnam you can get these product inspections done in order to ensure that you get high quality products as ordered.

Pre-production Inspection

As the name suggest, a pre-production inspection is carried on before the production process starts. The buyer is able to know about the kind of raw material that is used for production. Normally, it is believed that manufacturing units lower the cost of production by using sub-standard raw materials. This can result is low quality final product that is not at all desirable. Thus, pre-production inspection is necessary.

This inspection also checks the starting process of production. It checks out whether the manufacture is following the blue-print that is provided to them for completing the production process.

 During production inspection

This inspection is carried on during the production process. While the product is manufactured an inspection is done, mainly known as DUPRO in the market, which let the buyer know about the average quality of product during production. Importers may find it not that useful but actually it tells a lot about the product during the early production cycle.

After some finished goods are out of the lines, this inspection can be done. If there are any issues with the quality then corrective action is suggested so that other units that are to be produced are of good quality. The buyers can plan ahead on how to complete the whole process. They can even avoid delays that can happen if inspection is done at the end of production.

 Final random inspection

Final random inspection is also known as pre-shipment inspection and it is considered to be the most common type of QC inspection. It is done after manufacture of 100% of the shipment product and after about 80% is packed. It is done randomly on both packed products as well as on the finished products that are yet to be packed.

If DUPRO is done earlier then normally very little difference is found at this inspection, otherwise there are high chances that there may be some issues with the final product. It provides power to the buyers to check their product before they are finally shipped from Vietnam.

Container loading inspection

This type of inspection is seldom used. However, in certain cases this is a good option. This is necessary when the buyer has a specific loading plan and wants to ensure that the plan is adhered strictly. Moreover, It also ensures that the right products are shipped and that too at the right quantity. This is required when there is a consolidation of different products and the buyer is specific about certain of them.

To conclude

Although there are four different types of inspection but all of them are not required for all type of products. Depending upon the product that you are ordering you must choose the right inspection procedure that will fetch you best results.

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