Arnon Dror Wikipedia Focuses On Financial Planning and Analysis

Arnon Dror Wikipedia Focuses On Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial planning and analysis has a major role to play in organizations belonging to every sector of the society.  With the help of forecasting, performing budgeting, as well as analysis, financial planning tends to support the corporate decisions made by the Board of Directors, CFO, as well as CEO. Arnon Dror Wikipedia implies the fact that there are very few, if any, companies that can be consistently profitable and experience a good growth without efficient financial planning and cash flow management. The tasks and responsibilities relating to the cash flow, as well as financial palling of an organization ideally fall on its chief financial officer (CFO). Arnon Dror essentially is a former Chief Financial Officer and Senior Operations Executive, which makes him an ideal candidate to shed further light on the sphere of financial planning and analysis.

Financial planning and analysis, especially chief financial officers, are required to oversee an extensive array of financial affairs, which might include financial statements, investments, taxes, expenses, income and capital expenditures. Unlike the accountants who are responsible for recordkeeping, in Arnon Dror twitter it has been mentioned that financial analysts are generally charged with the task of accessing, analyzing and ultimately evaluating the financial activities of an organization as a whole, with the purpose of mapping out its stable financial future. Arnon Dror Wikipedia highlights how he is a trusted adviser for company leadership due to his extensive years of experience in the industry and high proficiency in the domain of finance.  Taking advantage of this expertise in the field, he ideally points out some of the major responsibilities of financial planning and analysis professionals. Here are few of those responsibilities:

  • Evaluating whether the current investments and assets of a company are the best use of the excess working capital of the business. This can be done by taking a look at the return on investment (ROI) of the company, as well as making comparisons with other methods through which the company might make use of its cash flow. This method can include increased stock dividends, other possible investments and so on.
  • Appraising the overall financial health of the company, majorly doing so by the usage of important financial ratios, which includes interest coverage ratio, current ratio as well as the debt to equity ratio.
  • Identifying which product or even product line of the company tends to generate the largest chunk of its net profit.
  • Both examining and evaluating the overall cost efficiency of each of the department that come under the organization. As per Arnon Dror twitter, this is done in thein light of what percentage of the financial resources of the company is consumed by each of its department.
  • Working with the diverse individual department of the organization in order to prepare budgets, as well as consolidate them into a single corporate budget.
  • Preparing internal reports for the purpose of executive leadership, as well as to support their decision making.
  • Preparing, maintaining and even orderly updating the detailed forecasts and financial models relating the future operations of the organization.

Arnon Dror Wikipediais majorly focused towards the importance of good financial planning, as well as analysis at a firm.

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