BharatBenz 2523R

All You Should Know About BharatBenz 2523R

BharatBenz 2523R is an exceptional heavy-duty goods carrier easing the freight movement of India. The hugely popular 10-wheeler truck is available in sixteen variants. It is a favourite choice for the inter-city transportation of heavy, voluminous products like industrial goods, home appliances, machine parts, and even agricultural products. Large scale fleet owners like to utilise the service of this commercial vehicle thanks to its outstanding performance, minimal maintenance, incredible safety parameters, affordable BharatBenz truck price in India and the reliability offered by the auto giant with German roots. Let us take a tour of the crucial features of the BharatBenz 2523R.

BharatBenz 2523R Price Range

BharatBenz truck 2523R price starts from around Rs 21.17 lakh for the basic variant and goes to as high as Rs 23.93 lakh for the premium trim. The Chennai based manufacturer has kept the pricing of the 25-tonne truck within the affordable range so that maximum fleet owners can induct it in their operation. You also require minimal maintenance to keep the goods carrier in rolling condition, so there are limited chances of shelling out hefty bills at the service stations. Since the inception of this commercial vehicle in the Indian market, it has been doing a steady business. However, it faces some competition from Tata LPT 2521 6×2 TC, Eicher Pro 6028, and Ashok Leyland 2818.

Design and Built

The Gross Vehicle Weight of BharatBenz 2523R is 25000 kg, and the kerb weight of the vehicle is 7290 kg. The cargo carrier comes with a deck body and a sleeper cabin built on the chassis. It can transport a maximum payload of 17100 kg, which is a commendable figure for a 25-tonne truck. BharatBenz 2523R comes with an overall length of 9867 mm, a width of 2490 mm, and a height of 2960 mm. The goods carrier runs on a wheelbase of 5175 mm and demonstrates an outstanding ground clearance of 264 mm. It reveals a turning radius of 9350 mm, enabling it to ply through market roads and taking sharp turns.

Engine Performance

Under the hood of BharatBenz 2523R, you get a BS-IV compliant, 6372 cc, 6-cylinder DE175BS4 mill. It pumps out a maximum power of 231.2 bhp @ 2200 rpm, and a pounding torque of 850 Nm @ 1200 – 1600 rpm. A 6-speed manual gearbox transmits power to the wheels with the help of a 395 mm, single dry-plate, hydraulic control clutch plate with a booster. BharatBenz 2523R can sprint to a top speed of 80 kmph. It helps the truck to deliver all consignments within the deadline. The feature-rich goods carrier remains loaded with a sizeable 380-litre fuel tank to accomplish long voyages with minimum refuelling breaks. The HCV also manifests an off-roading gradeability of 24 per cent, allowing it to take on the undulations on roads effortlessly.

Comfort and Safety

The sleeper cabin of BharatBenz 2523R remains equipped with numerous advanced safety and comfort features. You get a 6-way adjustable driver seat, mobile charging point, bottle holder, and optional air conditioning in the fully suspended cabin for the comfort of riders. BharatBenz has always given prime importance to the safety parameters of their commercial vehicles. It is no surprise to find state-of-the-art security options, including tilt and telescopic power steering, cruise control, air brakes with ABS, and tubeless tyres in the truck.

This was, in brief, a synopsis of the crucial features of BharatBenz 2523R.

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